Kicking and screaming my way into the light

Full Term February 10, 2012

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Well, here I am, full term, and only 4 blog entries to show for it (well, at least I averaged more than one per trimester)!

I’ve got a lot of thoughts brewing, but they’re just not fully formed, and with all of the nesting going on (double-nesting: gotta get everything ready at work and at home), I just don’t have the bandwidth to get it all out on virtual paper.

So, inspired by my friend’s awesome graphic blog Five Things, I will share with you the five things I will miss most and least about being pregnant.

Five Things I Will Miss The Most:

  1. Enhanced sense of taste – Food tastes AMAZING. My husband, who does most of the cooking, especially likes this. No matter what he makes, I adore it. “Sweetie, that is the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich I have EVER had!” (Although, for the record, he really does make a fantastic PB & J. I don’t know how he gets the peanut butter spread so evenly.)
  2. Crying easily – sometimes it just feels good to let loose and get some cathartic release.
  3. Not having to clean the litter box. It’s a nice break.
  4. My fabulous maternity wardrobe. Although we hadn’t planned on more kids, and we eagerly offloaded our baby items, I couldn’t quite part with that box of cute clothes for me. So I was a little bit excited to get to wear it all again. My favorite: a gray suit. I indulged in just a couple of new pieces (from the clearance rack!) this time: a short denim skirt and black sweater dress. I wish all my clothes were this fashionable.
  5. Feeling the baby kick – yes, it’s cliche, but there is nothing like that feeling. This time through, it was a little different, I’ll admit. It took me awhile to wrap my head around this imminent blessed event, and there were more than a few times that he’d kick me and I’d think of it as sort of a physical event, but not, you know, as my BABY. Pleased to report that has finally changed, probably because he is by far the most active of my children – in utero, anyway. I think he just wants to remind me he’s in there, but I hope he relaxes a little after birth!

Five Things I Will Miss the Least:

  1. Enhanced sense of smell – This goes right along with enhanced sense of taste, but since I can control what goes in my mouth, I am generally assured that most of it will be good. I really don’t need to be able to smell our cat’s flatulence from the other side of the house, but for better or worse, I can!
  2. Crying easily – this makes both lists because I am used to being pretty even-keeled emotionally and it’s unsettling to cry so much – I don’t feel entirely like myself.
  3. My mouth tasting as if something died in it. This was helped immensely by taking xylitol as recommended by my dentist, but even so, wow, I have had some serious yuck-mouth.
  4. The swelling. I have been lucky to have very little swelling this time around (it’s really been a very uncomplicated and easy pregnancy), but I wanted to give this Honorable Mention because it was definitely part of my first two times through. My son was born in July, and by the time I hit the last few weeks, temperatures were soaring, my blood pressure was inching up, and I literally had zero shoes that would fit my giant feet and ankles. Not even flip-flops.
  5. The constant sensation of having to pee. That’s the third trimester in a nutshell.

If you are a mom, what do you miss about pregnancy, and what are you glad you’ll never experience again?